George Cabanting is an excellent IT professional - his skill and excess ability to make him an invaluable resource whenever I have a problem with my Practice’s health records system. He responds immediately and is willing to interface with my Medical Health Records vendor and has always been able to resolve the problem. If I have any electrical or power issues with my systems he's always been able to resolve those as well with UPS installations. He is well-informed, technically savvy, & user-friendly. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing IT assistance in any Business!

Dr. Jane Kocivar

I have had the pleasure of working with George Cabanting of Oxford Computer Services for over three years now. I was referred to him a long time ago by an associate when my computer crashed. I called him and he was out to my office in about 20 minutes, fixed issue, and put us on a protection plan to avoid future issues. He revamped our computers, implemented back-up systems and has been a life saver ever since. I give him my highest recommendation!

Nancy Bayron Sapphire Mortgage

Just wanted to thank you for dropping everything at a moments notice to come to Lahaina and work on my very sick laptop.

For persons who need computer repairs, Oxford Computing Services and George Cabanting are the best. In the travel business, we rely on our internet, computers, printers and network on a 24/7 basis - without them -there is no business being done.

Over the many years until we found George, we experienced many days of downtime and it was expensive. No matter who we used, the usual answer, after a hefty bill, was just
buy new stuff. We were routinely, every 3 years just replacing all the equipment.

In regards to the Sony, it was an expensive computer but it is 7 years old. It is like an old friend, I am used to it and the way it works and it is the only machine I use night and day both in the office and away for business or pleasure. This time it just quit - it would not connect to the internet either with a cable or thru the wireless. George dropped everything and came to our office, spent over an hour in our office, took it a way with him and spent more time diagnosing the problem. A couple of days later it was fixed, just like new and working better than it had for several years. Was this old computer worth all that trouble? To George it was- he was determined to find the problem. I am so grateful and my total bill was for 1.25 hours of his time.

George is also invaluable for advise - he gives us the latest info in regards to viruses, virus protection, available software and advise on which equipment to buy. He has saved us many dollars in expensive equipment that is either not the best or not suitable for our application.

Many mahalos George, and I am pleased to recommend you to everyone.

Jerry K. Downer, President Klahani Resorts Corporation, DBA Klahani Travel

I wanted to share my experience as owner of a small business, with the excellent service and guidance I received from George. I was the one who said a few years ago that we didn’t need an office computer, and how wrong I was. Not only did George show me the light with hooking our office up with 2 computers, but was always there to take care of my impatience with glitches that came up due to my lack of knowledge in the computer world. I quickly became a believer in the difference technology can make with all aspects of our business, from client tracking and service, to job cost and analysis, which is so necessary for small businesses to succeed. It is always up to the minute with cost analysis and productivity to keep us moving in the right direction.

Recently, the main computer was running slower than desired and I mentioned this to George. He came up with options and cost factors so I could budget for changes. He had shopped for me and the best decision was to replace the main computer. I also mentioned I would like a second scanner for my office (separate computer) to send client’s designs so I didn’t have to interrupt the operations on the main computer.

Much to my delight, George purchased the computer and a second scanner and set everything up, transferred all the files, and we are running at a speed I can’t even keep up with. I am delighted and the personal service and attention to detail, along with the major cost savings, were beyond my expectations. George was fast, very knowledgeable, saved us money, and through the new technology, is saving us lots of time and I would recommend George and his expertise of knowledge AND unsurpassed service to everyone. It DOES make a difference!

Debra Finkiewicz, President The Maui Closet Company

We have had nothing but positive experiences with George & Oxford Computer Services. We have been using his services since he first came to Maui. I’m very pleased with the level of service Oxford has provided our companies.

Here are my comments:

  • He is very knowledgeable, provides timely response & is easy to work with.
  • I was on Kauai when my office assistant called to let me know of the crash of our accounting program. We called Oxford in and they were able to restore most of the data. They also researched and reconfigured our backup program to work properly.
  • George from Oxford is the first person who has taken the time to explain how and why, but most importantly documents his recommendations in writing for me to review, discuss and plan. It is not often we have the opportunity to work with someone who provides a high level of comfort and security.
  • We are not sure we would recommend Oxford to everyone – We would like to be selfish to keep time for our company – JUST JOKING!!!!
Maui Coffee Roasters